Antenna testing taking place inside a Viasat lab on an antenna component wtih yellow plates

World-class antenna services bring the assurance you need for your system

Viasat offers innovative test, maintenance, and 支持服务 from ground to space

  • 测试和支持

    Viasat understands antennas better than anyone. With 70 years of experience inventing, 发展中, and supporting antenna systems from L- to V-band, 我们的工具, 方法, 技能, and knowledge offer superior RF and antenna testing services you require from a trusted partner.


    Viasat knows what antennas are capable of and what it takes to ensure they perform at their best. With support engineering services and proven maintenance programs on all seven continents, we serve customers around the world regardless of location and environment.

  • 空间服务

    与卫星, 你只有一次机会, so before you send it up there, it is important to get things right down here. Viasat is uniquely qualified to support your large or small space projects with spacecraft engineering services, including design and analysis, 集成和测试, 以及运营服务.

Man dressed in protective blue suit sitting in a chair performing antenna testing services

Our antenna testing 方法 are driven by customer and industry requirements

We adhere to industry standards: FCC, Mil-Spec, ARSTRAT, FAA/EASA DO-160, and ETSI

Viasat传导组件, 组件, and system-level testing of complex products such as satellite antennas, 反射镜, radio frequency electronics, 罩体, 和更多的. Using our specialized antenna testing equipment, we characterize product performance in a range of environments from static bench testing to dynamic environments while tracking satellites.

  • Dynamic testing, data tracking, and monitoring
  • Anechoic, planar near field, and far field test facilities
  • High precision assembly fixtures for space and airborne applications
  • Antenna, radome, and space flight hardware qualification
Two men in hardhats standing in an aerial work platform doing antenna maintenance on the back of a ground station

Viasat’s antenna maintenance programs are globally recognized

Our highly-qualified product experts are available 24/7 with forward-stocking locations around the world

菲律宾bg视讯官网, we understand that when it comes to maintaining high-performing antennas every situation is unique. Our highly-skilled engineers will find the best-suited maintenance program for your antenna system to ensure continuous optimum performance.

  • Standard and extended return to factory warranty programs
  • Technical and support service (T&SS)项目
  • Maintenance and support service (M&SS)项目
  • Tailorable technical and maintenance programs
  • Lifecycle management: Logistics and depot support

Maintenance and support capabilities

  • Highly-skilled field service engineers and global logistics staff with decades of experience across all seven continents
  • Continued renewal of managed antenna services and support contracts, 年复一年, 数百个天线

  • First level support: antenna systems field engineers
  • Second level support: antenna systems integration engineers
  • Third level support: antenna systems and design engineers

  • Dedicated global antenna after market support team
  • Strong global trade and regulatory compliance teams that ensure seamless logistics to every corner of the world
  • Six forward stocking locations (FSL) around the globe

  • Secure customer web portal for tracking issues and repairs, plus access to system documents
  • Leading tools for order management tracking tickets, repairs, and replacements
  • Database-driven metrics to analyze trends and drive decisions

Looking for antenna support?

Viasat offers a range of antenna services with a proven track record in support engineering. Call us today at (678) 924-2807.