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网络安全 services and solutions for world-class defense

Using machine learning and big data-driven intelligence to protect live networks 

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At the forefront of operational network security

As a worldwide satellite internet service provider (ISP), Viasat protects networks and prevents billions of cyber attacks for our customers every day. Coupled with our over 30-year history as a defense contractor, we have insight into some of the most sophisticated, well-funded attacks and have accumulated petabytes of proprietary cyber threat intelligence. Our cybersecurity portfolio includes:

  • 网络安全 Operations Center (CSOC)
  • 管理检测 & Partnered Response (MDPR)
  • Enhanced 网络安全 Services 
Facts graphic: 50TB data ingested, 150B事件索引, 5K光束切换, 2M PEDs connedcted worldwide

Using machine learning-based threat intelligence

In delivering 50 terabytes (TB) of metadata and using big data analytics on an average of 150 billion events across our networks every day, we have a deeper and more advanced understanding of the threat landscape — enabling us to innovate, 机动, and better position against ever-evolving adversaries.

Explore our broad portfolio of cybersecurity services

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网络安全 Operations Center

Our dedicated team of 网络安全 Operations Center (CSOC) analysts secure a diverse set of networks ranging from those used by residential and presidential customers. See how specialized lines of operation work together to enable our dynamic cyber warrior team to defend and analyze an average of 150 billion events hitting our network daily.


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管理检测 and Partnered Response

We are highly invested in your success — your partnership with us provides you with a dedicated team of 管理检测 and Partnered Response (MDPR) specialists who work directly with you to create a customized security solution. Whether that’s a high level of interaction to gain velocity for your program or a more nuanced security application, we’ll meet you where you are, identify where you want to go, 并帮助你到达那里.

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Enhanced 网络安全 Services

Viasat is only one of a few top commercial cybersecurity partners chosen by the Department of 首页land Security (DHS) to create an advanced level of cyber protection for national security and defense. Our Enhanced 网络安全 Services combine the DHS’s sensitive and classified cyber threat intelligence with our abilities to detect malicious traffic entering or exiting customer networks — creating 360 leading cyber coverage.


Looking for an innovative solution? 跟我们谈谈 about your needs.

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